The dead guy has been speaking to me again. I can hear him mumbling in my backpack, wanting out, wanting me to get off the procrastination wagon and finish writing is story.

He's a little egotistical, since it's not really his story, but what the hell, at least I hear him again.

I pulled out the 150 pages I've written and took the manuscript to the library today; I haven't looked at it in s long it was like seeing it all new (other than the bloody red scribblings on every page) and surprisingly, I didn't hate it. I didn't hate it enough that I suspect this year's NaNoWriMo will be a total bust, because I want to get back to the dead guy.

I also plugged in my very old, very cranky Gateway laptop. The battery no longer holds a charge and it has a fairly slow processor, little RAM, and a small hard drive, but I wanted to see if it would still boot up. After a year or more of not being powered up, it still booted up...and I found a battery for it on eBay for cheap.

Yes, I have another laptop...but I want something I don't really care about to shove into the tail bag on my bike, something that if the vibrations destroy I won't cry buckets over. I can take the old laptop with me and still ride my bike to the library or to Border's where I will finish writing the Best Book With A Dead Guy Ever. And then I'll get all rich and famous, but I'll still talk to y'all, so no worries there.

I know you've been worried about that.

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