OddzNEndz #9,432,123.6

  • Last night I had a dream that one of my best friends came to visit. During her stay the Spouse Thingy determined there was something wrong with one of her eyes, and declared that she must have it removed so that he could figure out what was wrong, because it could be eye cancer and if it was left in, the cells would migrate and become brain cancer. So she allowed this; she checked into the OR and he removed her eye, filling the socket with gauze and Strawberry Shortcake Bandaids. After the surgery he took her eye to the lab where he would analyze it...but she left before he could come back and tell her it was all right, it was just an infection. So I out the eye in an empty yogurt cup, got on my bike, and rode all the way to Wisconsin, where I put it back in her head for her. I'm pretty sure the Spouse Thingy cured the infection before I took off...

  • Apparently, I should just give up anything computer related. My desktop as refusing to play nicely--rebooting on a whim, not running most of the software I needed--so I wiped it back to factory specs. And ya know what? You should really make sure you have the software to re-install a wireless card before it can't play with the Internet. If you were a CD-ROM, where would you be hiding?

  • If the short lines in all the stores I went into this weekend are indicative of the season, it doesn't bode well for retailers. While I enjoyed getting in and out quickly, it kind of bothered me, ya know?

  • This is my new craving. This is going to either pull off one more more caps or just pull a tooth right out of my gums, and it's all the Younger Niece's fault, because she let me taste a piece of hers on Thanksgiving:

nom nom nom nom nom nom...

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