Whoa. When I opened Inkblot Books in Ohio, all I had to do was mail in 2 forms and send a few bucks to the state. Very painless, very quick. They sent back a spiffy license, and a vendor’s license number.

I just download and printed off the forms I need to open it in California. Cripes. The state has forms. The county has forms. The city has forms. They all have fees—thankfully not expensive fees, but fees nonetheless. Plus I think I have to run an ad in the classifieds stating I’m doing business.

I just want someone to give me a business license and a reseller’s certificate, and be done with it! I want it to be easy! I am very, very lazy!

PsychoKitty has redesigned his website. He would like opinions on it … some have said it’s too red, some the type too tiny. We fixed the type size, and it doesn’t look very red on this end. But weigh in, tell him whatcha think. His feelings won’t be hurt.

The USAF actually came through with the Spouse Thingy’s final active duty pay on time! They were $500 short, but at least they paid him. He’d been told it could be as much as 10 days late. We can eat! Yay!

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