Nice Save.

Yep, I overheard a Major Nice Save while in Safeway today… While perusing my choices of overpriced meat for tonight’s dinner (ham, for the terminally curious) a woman stopped near me with a hand cart filled with little things—mostly chocolate and candy canes, a few other odds and ends (yes, I looked…wait a second and you’ll understand why.)

Right behind her came a cart pushed by a very tired looking woman with a small child in the seat. I’d guess he was 4 years old, 5 at the most. And, being a kid, he leaned over and looked in the other woman’s handcart and said “Wow you gots a lot of candy!”

She nodded and mumbled something about needing stocking stuffers.

That’s when I looked up—the little guy’s eyes were wide and he looked horrified—and then I glanced into the handcart. She noticed the look on his face, too, and realized what she’d done.

She gets 10 points for a graceful recovery.

“See, all my kids are grown up, so we asked Santa to skip our house. We buy our own stocking stuffers, that way Santa has more time to go to places where good little boys and girls live.”

The little boy smiled, and his mother let a long, slow breath out.

“I been good,” he proclaimed, and his mother nodded in agreement as they wandered off. The other woman picked up her handcart, and as she walked away she was muttering to herself, “I should probably get coal for my stocking now.”

That was an awesome save.
I can only hope that if I ever jam my foot into my mouth like that I can think as quickly.

In other news: Thumper bought a ham and now has to cook dinner tonight.

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