Another thing to add to my list of I Want. And I want a lot it seems. But this is sooooo cool—a recumbent trike! I can’t ride a regular bike anymore and I’ve played with the idea of a recumbent for a few years, but the good ones are expensive. And difficult to learn to ride. This thing is only about $600. That’s right! ONLY about $600! And it’s got three wheels! I wouldn’t fall off! Can I use any more exclamation points?!!!???!

So, thus far, I’m coveting, in this order:

  • A convertible
  • A recumbent trike
  • A Honda Elite Scooter (not sure if I mentioned that yet or not…)
  • A portable word processor

  • $100,000 cash

  • Really, I’m either going to have to get a Real Job ™ or stick a Tipjar on here. Or start, in the words of the HMIC, a “cam-whore wishlist.”

    Still, the trike would a cool thing, and it would be beneficial and healthy. Healthy!

    Convertible first. Though if I got the $100,000 first, I could be debt free and get the ragtop. Eh. I know my priorities.

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