Nemo is in Newport, KY

Yep. Nemo and several of his fellow Clownfish can be found at the Newport Aquarium in Newport, KY, just past the Ohio border. Along with Nemo you can see the surfer-dude turtle on whose back Nemo’s father rode the slipstream, and the jellyfish he braved whilst looking for his wayward son.

Lesson learned on the way to see Nemo and all the other fishies and turtle and alligators at the aquarium: Cincinnati has a major traffic problem. It took almost as long to get from one side of the city to the other as it did to get all the way from Dayton to the outskirts on Cincinnati. Cars were bumper to bumper in the Interstate, and in places we were doing a
whopping 20mph. It made the “Minimum Speed 40 MPH” kind of ironic.

Amazingly, of all those cars competing for space on the freeway, there were only a few idiots. For the most part it was just people trying to get where they were going; I just would have been happier if where they were going hadn’t been in the same direction as where I was going.

Anyway. We’re determined to see what there is to see in this little corner of Ohio. It seems like everywhere we’ve lived we haven’t done the touristy stuff, and probably missed out on a lot, so this time we’re going to explore. So far we’ve found a couple of really good flea markets and the aquarium, a decent art museum and a killer air force museum. Spouse Thingy has a week off coming up, and we’re going to check out a science museum and a Packard museum.

I know there’s more around the area, but the Ohio Tourism site sucks…

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