Toast This

Know what I miss? A good toaster. A toaster where you can put your bread in, or a Toaster Strudel, and have it not only brown nicely, but not come out mangled. A reliable toaster, one where you set it on medium and you get a medium-browned piece of bread. A toast that does not pre-eat your food for you.

We recently had to replace a toaster. We found this nice spiffy, shiny metal Toastmaster for a really good price, and bought it. After all, a toaster is just a toaster, right? And all the new ones have these wide slots so you can toast bagels if you want.

The problem… all those new wide slot toasters also seem to come with these really narrow thingies to “support” whatever you’re toasting—and support they do not. If you have anything narrower than a bagel, it slips past the support bar and gets mashed between the heating coils and the basket. Frozen waffles, Toaster Strudel, thin bread … it all gets caught up, which means you have to unplug and fish it out with a fork.

Hating the Brand New Shiny Toaster, I went looking for yet another one. I peeked inside all the model before buying one, and guess what? They’re all the same! No one seems to make a toaster designed to hold bread anymore.

I just want non-mangled Toaster Strudels once in a while. Is that too much to ask?

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