This amazes me. A lawyer suing the fast food industry as a whole because some of his clients are obese.

Oh yeah! Make your diet a steady stream of fast food, gain a considerable amount of weight, and blame those you purchase your foods from for the choices you make. Sue them because you decide most days to eat your meals in their establishments.

I am not thin; I haven’t been for many years. Life sucks, you know? You make choices and accept the consequences of those choices; or perhaps I should file suit against Nabisco for making really good chocolate chip cookies. And while I’m at it I suppose I should sue Betty Crocker for having killer blueberry muffin mix, Kraft Foods for making the best macaroni and cheese, and Nestle for selling Butterfinger candy bars. If they hadn’t made those things so well, I would never have eaten them, and I might still be a Stick Person.

I disagree with those who liken addiction to fast food with smoking; I can eat a Big Mac sitting at the table next to you and it doesn’t affect you one bit; I can’t light up a cigarette and expect you to not inhale some of my smoke. The Big Mac is clogging my arteries, raising my cholesterol, packing fat onto my body. I can’t even see a reason comparison to eating fast food and drinking. I can sit in McDonald’s and eat 39 cent hamburgers until I throw up, and the worst it will do is gross you out. If I sit in a bar and drink until I throw up, and then got behind the wheel of a car, I could kill you.

There has to be a limit to the things we blame on others. When we will start accepting that we are responsible for ourselves?

If you want to eat at Wendy’s everyday, go for it. Just don’t be surprised when your pants start to get tight, and don’t blame the kid behind the counter for selling you the Biggie Sized Number One Combo every day.

Let’s do the world a favor, and grow up already.

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