Happy Birthday, Wil

Not too long ago, maybe in January, I followed a link posted on a usenet newsgroup to Wil Wheaton’s website. The person who posted the link said the site was “pretty cool” and all the more impressive because Wil, unlike most celebrities, maintains his own site. Having watched Wil the entire time he was on Star Trek: Next Generation, I followed the link, thinking I’d find the typical star-site… you know – pictures, bio, a list of stuff he was currently working on.

Man, was I wrong.

Wil Wheaton Dot Net is an entirely unique place. He writes his own weblog, without the help of some celebeditor, and waxes hysterically and poetically on life, love, being a parent, being human. Most of all, he proves that he’s human, just like the rest of us.

Nowhere else on the web will you get to read the adventures of SpongeBob Vega$pants. Nor will you get as good an idea for what a working actor goes through, and what he feels. I don’t think you’ll laugh as much as you will reading the archives of his posts, or be as touched by how much he cares for his family anywhere else online. And nowhere else online will you get the type of community he has created, friends helping friends, entertaining each other, laughing so hard and wanting so much for each other.

I gotta give props to the man, and big sloppy thank you for putting so much effort into what could have been just another celebrity website.

He turns 30 years old today.
Happy Freaking Birthday, Unca Willie.

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