The Sucky Part Of Moving

Fish. Not to eat, but as pets. They don't travel well, not when you're moving clear across the country. No one would take them, not friends or pet stores. Cripes, we never would have set the tank up if we thought we'd move as soon as we wound up moving.

We had to dispense with the fish tonight. Well, the Spouse Thingy did. I couldn't stand the idea of doing it myself. I mean, they're just fish but it's not like they deserved to die or anything. We asked around, and the concensus seemed to be that the kindest, quickest way to kill them would be to lower the water level and then dump a load of ice in the water.

Well, it worked. The Spouse Thingy says they were gone before they knew what hit them.

I feel like such a heel.
Poor damn fish :(

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