22 March 2019

I have a little bit of hair now; 11 days out and it's nice and soft and looks more like hair than stubble.


My head is still freaking cold. Even with temps in the 60s, it's cold.

I don't remember being this cold in previous years. I probably was, but you know, I'm getting older and the details fade quicker than they used to. Or it's brain freeze.

Another week and I'll probably feel comfortable going outside without a hat.

Which means in another week, I'll need to rub sunscreen on my head. Lesson learned the hard was a few years ago.

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Mark's Mews (Ayla, Marley, and Laz) said...

I shaved my head twice last year. Just out of curiousity. It was interesting in a way. Seriously, no annoying morning brushing and my hats fit nicely.

And not that it was the reason, but it made me think about those who have no choice. And just from experience, it seems to feel oddest at about an inch.

Ya can't do a darn thing with it, but it is there...