2 August 2014

Oddz N Endz #812,432,126.x2b Part 99

♦ Mister Max has been--again--waking me up every morning between 4:30 - 4:45. Unlike previous weeks-longs stretches when he seemed to do this because a neighbor was either coming home from or going to work, this time I think he's decided I need to pee. I do not know why he thinks so, but he won't leave me alone until I get up and go. I appreciate his consideration, but I would really like to sleep straight through the night.

♦ Because it's been so freaking hot, I have not yet geared up to start 3 Day training. Tonight the Spouse Thingy hooked up the treadmill TV for me again, though, and I cleaned up some Goodwill-destined piles of clothing to make room for the treadmill's track, so I can start inside.

Has not helped
♦ Level of difficulty: I've been battling plantar fasciitis for a couple of months, and all the usual things that help haven't been. I can't sleep in the night brace so I wore it while sitting around doing nothing; didn't help. I sucked it up and started wearing orthotics in my shoes like I'm supposed to; didn't help. An ortho boot didn't help. Icing has not helped. I bet if I dropped 90 pounds of ugly fat, that would help.

♦ Since the brace and ortho boot didn't work, and in the past high-topped sneakers have, and because I had a coupon, I ordered a pair of bright red Nikes. They should be here Monday...if I can keep the foot at 90o without wiggling it like crazy (because the brace drove me nuts) maybe that will help. I'm starting to grasp at straws here.

♦ The shoes are kinda custom. I don't know why I was then surprised that the shipping notice shows them coming from China. I have no idea why I just assumed they'd come from somewhere in the U.S. I know better. Any guilt I have over that will be nullified if they work.

♦ A couple of weeks ago we ordered a new kitchen table and were told it would take about 6 weeks to get here. Happily enough, it arrived and was delivered yesterday. Someone discovered it pretty quickly, and claimed it as his own.

♦ Since he can no longer get to the top of the refrigerator, and thus the top of the cabinets, he's lacking a definitive UP spot. I think this week we'll pick up a shelf to go up high in my office and perhaps a couple of smaller ones, so that we can create a path for him to be able to look out the high window, and get to the top of the bookcases. Because he really does need UP.

♦ This lives in my bathroom now.

♦ What? You don't have a gnome-nomming Godzilla in your house?

♦ He was a lot smaller than we thought he would be; he was intended for the yard but he's too small, so in the bathroom he went.

♦ No worries; if you come over, he totally can't watch you pee.

♦ I think.

♦ It's 11:30 p.m. and Mister Max is bitching at me to go to bed. When he decide to become my mother?


Unknown said...

He became your mother the day you let him in the house.

Kat Thornton said...

Yeah! Burton does that too! Its like he's the time-master of the house.

Shaggy and Scout said...

How handy to have a Pee Alarm in your home. Max remains awesome in his never-ending kitty skills!
And I think we meed a gnome-nomming godzilla! Way cool, and a great quirky, unexpected thing to have in the bathroom!

Unknown said...

Max sounds like he's doing his best to help you get well from your planter disease. He's making sure you get lots of sleep(since naps work for him)and lots of bathroom time(since bathrooming gets poisons out of a person's system fast). Cats are good at knowing how to keep themselves healthy.

Mighty Kitty said...

His pussy cat alarm is just not synchronized.
At his young age, he is still totally amazing and so awesome! Maybe he is running on PST and not daylight savings!

Mighty Kitty said...

Totally agree!

Mell said...

I struggled for MONTHS a few years ago with plantar faciitis...also tried the boot & orthotics, etc., etc., etc. And none of it seemed to help much. What finally worked best for me was a combination of foot taping and steroid injections. I realize your health issues may not allow you to go for the injections; but it was the taping that actually did the most good for the pain. The relief is immediate and amazing.

This is the taping method I used (recommended by my doc); you can see a video here: I didn't use two different sizes of tape, I just used the 1" white tape for the whole foot. It took a bit of practice, but I got to the point that I could tape both feet in about 5 minutes. I wore the tape all day, removing each night to allow my feet to "breathe". ;-)

Give it a really is an immediate difference. Good luck!