Brain Fried Friday Bullets

  • When I got a jury duty notice a few weeks back, I didn't think anything about it; I don't mind serving.
  • When Agent Kevin (real estate dood) scheduled out home inspections for today, I didn't think anything about it.
  • I didn't think about anything...until I realized both were on the same day.
  • However, last night when I checked in with the county court system, I got notice they did not need me, and my obligation is done for another year.
  • I will not whine if I get another notice in the middle of the year, as I would like to serve.
  • The inspections went well, other than finding out the house has roof rats.
  • Home Inspector Dood was clued into this by finding car parts in the attic. And giant droppings. Oh joy.
  • Otherwise, the house just needs basic maintenance.
  • See following yard picture for exception...side yard is a WTF Do We Do With This? thing.
  • Really...WTF do we do with all that ivy?
  • If all goes well, we close before the end of the year.
  • The cats will be so thrilled.

side yard's alive...alive!

New living room

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