You know, ever since my surgery--over two years ago, mind you--I've been wondering how long it takes the human nose to heal after being lifted off the face. And you'd think I'd know by now, but it's still kinda tender.

I think that by now it would have stopped being tender, if not for that pyschotic cat.

Eight this morning, I'm still sound asleep (yes, still...I'm skippng the aerobics class this week because I'm still kinda coughy and don't think I could beathe well) and Max doesn't just jump up on the bed to wake me up. He leaps from his window perch and runs across the mattress, slamming the top of his head into my face at full tilt.

Holy crap.

And he seemed quite proud of himself. Maybe too much; I think the little shit will just do it again, now that he knows it can work.

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