Normally, running your gas tank down is a fairly easy thing to do, right? Most of the time it’s a matter of looking down and realizing “Oh, crap, I need gas.” That’s the Way, right?

So I need to actually run my tank down until it’s no more than one-quarter full (yet no less than one-eighth), so that it’ll be where the auto shipper people want it to be when they pick it up tomorrow. I’ve been fairly judicious in driving it lately, and it was just a squoosh above a quarter tank this morning. Yep, a squoosh. That’s a scientific term; look it up.

Problem. My ten year old car, yeah the one that has cost us loads in repairs, gets 23-25 miles to the gallon. Normally I enjoy that fact. But today, I’m driving around, trying to run it down, and after 20+ miles, it’s still a squoosh above a quarter tank. Who’da thunk it? Maybe I have the Magical Ragtop, the one that will Never Ever Ever run out of gas…

I also cleaned it out. Holy crap, how did I wind up with 5 sweatshirts and 4 towels in the trunk? Why did I have 5 sweatshirts in the trunk? One is enough. I can only wear one at a time. And why are they all gray? Did I really buy myself more than 5 gray sweatshirts? There have to be more than 5, because I have 2 or 3 upstairs in a closet. Is there some significance to gray?

The towels, that I can understand. Leak protection while driving.

So, anyone need anything from the store? Because I do need to go out and burn a little more gas…

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