When I was in 7th grade, or thereabouts, I was seriously jonesing to live in California (we were in Texas at the time). My sisters tried to convince me that I didn’t really want to live there, because someday the entire state was going to break off and fall into the ocean. In 150 years. So by their estimates, in roughly 107 years, California will be no more.

Apparently, they were ahead of their time. According to NBC’s 10.5 mini-series, that’s pretty much what’s going to happen, perhaps a bit sooner. All the faults will align, a gas pocket will belch, and within 48 hours there will be all these huge earthquakes. But fear not! Some guy from FEMA will just run up and down the state drilling really big holes into which nuclear bombs can be dropped, and the fault lines will be fused. Of course, he’ll die trying to get all Armageddon on us (and he wasn’t as spiffy at it as was Bruce Willis), but the day will be saved. So it must be safe to return to CA.

Hey, they wouldn’t imply that on TV if it weren’t true, right?

Just one really big question…if a 10.5 quake was expected in LA, why would people only be evacuated as far as Barstow?

Oh, and another. When something sucks that bad, why is the moon not pulled out of orbit.

And why (yeah, another question) did I watch this thing both nights???

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