Spring is finally here to stay, and it’s been worth the wait. It’s not too hot, but not so cool I need a sweatshirt when I’m outside in order to not feel like a human Popsicle. We can take the convertible out and drive where ever we want, turning ourselves all kinds of shades of red when we forget the sunscreen, or we can sit outside on the front lawn under three tree, watching the kids play, or just reading.

Today it hit 83 and we went fishing. The Spouse Thingy caught a nice, fat trout today, along with an assortment of perch (Me, I got one tiny little nibble and I yanked the freaking hook out of is mouth before the hook could set), which not only made the trip worth it, but seemed to make the cat very happy, too. He’s in little kitty heaven—which seems to be located right in the middle of my chair in the living room, where he curled up to enjoy the feeling of having an overly full stomach.

Not catching anything didn’t bother me—I don’t eat fish so it doesn’t really matter who catches it. It was just nice to sit out there and feel the breeze coming across the lake. Even nicer that the Spouse Thingy caught something and I don’t think anyone else out there did :)

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