Something that surprised me… I had to run to the store to pick up a few things this afternoon, and because it was raining I took the Spouse Thingy’s car, since I didn’t feel like getting the left side of my body soaked by the wonderful leak in my car. I got to the parking lot, spotted an empty space very close to the front and gleefully headed toward it.

So did a guy in an SUV coming in the opposite direction, and he was closer and was going to get there first. So I muttered a “well, hell” under my breath and figured I’d just go into the next lane (aisle?) and see if there was a reasonably close one there.

As I approached the SUV, the guy pointed to me, and then pointed to the empty slot, and went past it.

I hate to admit it, but I don’t think I would have been as generous. I would have been happy to get the close slot, felt a little perverse thrill that I beat someone else to it, and would have slid right in, guilt free. Because, after all, parking is first come, first serve. He certainly didn’t have to let me have it.

That boy’s mamma raised him right.

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