Yep, as the Spouse Thingy “whined” about in his Blog, the neighbors (and moi) snookered him yesterday. Last week, while he dodged kids in the court as he tried to rollerblade, there was a discussion about having a BBQ for his birthday. Next-door-neighbor suggested it be a surprise, and with a little conniving on my part (read: I lied through my teeth, asking him to change his scheduled 3-11 p.m. shift for yesterday to a day shift so we could drive allllll the way to Cincinnati to help a friend move) it happened.

Yesterday morning he got up at 5 a.m. to go moonlight at Miami Valley hospital, and all day had this nice hour long post-work drive south to look forward to, along with the thought that he would then get to spend the rest of the evening moving someone. He came home, went upstairs to check his email (probably trying to decide whom he could email and complain to) and when he came downstairs, everything was set up…and surprise!

We had little steaks, burgers, hot dogs, and brots, and some seriously good baked beans (made with Log Cabin syrup—I never would have thought to try that, but it was really good), the perfect cake, balloons… The mug was one of the gifts he got—the side of it says “Still A Sexy Beast” (heh, yeah, you can laugh…) And inside…LOL take a peek.

I honestly think that if you asked the Spouse Thingy exactly how he’d want to spend an evening, that would be it. Just sitting out in the front yard with the neighbors, talking and watching the kids play. And drinking. There’s got to be the drinking.

His real birthday isn’t until Tuesday, but I don’t think I can top the BBQ, so I don’t think I’ll try. He can pick what he wants to do…as long as it involves taking me out to dinner.

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