Don't Sneeze On Me

It’s only August, but it’s coming. It comes every year without fail, spreading across the country on the hands and sleeves of school aged children, sneezes aimed in every direction, coughs uncovered and kisses unchecked.

Cold and Flu season.

Germs are flying everywhere, and inevitably, one or two will land on me. I don’t appreciate it one bit. Now I understand, people need to work, to shop, to go to school and to work out, but if you’re sick stay home! There’s nothing admirable about being in public when you’re contagious.

Years ago I had a TKD instructor who believed training through the flu was a good thing; the sweat leeched toxins from his body, and he recovered quicker. He was a terrific teacher, but terribly misguided. So he rid himself of the flu in 6 days instead of 7. Goody for him. While he was in the dojang sweating it off, he exposed every student who came to his classes, and most of us would catch whatever creeping crud he had.

I didn’t appreciate that, either.

Think about how you’d feel if someone intentionally exposed you, your spouse, or your kids to some bacteria-laden crap. You catch it. Your kids get it. Your spouse gets it. You might be out of work for a time, and not getting paid. Your kids aren’t allowed in school, and your spouse gets really bitchy while trying to take care of a bunch of sick kids whilst in personal agony. All because someone could be bothered to stay home while sick instead of going to work, to school, or to the gym.

There’s nothing admirable about showing up anyplace when you’re sick. It’s selfish and inconsiderate.

If you’re sick, stay home. That I’ll admire.

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