Another Year, Another... ?

Damn, that sounds old.

40 wasn't bad, it was still close enough to my thirties to feel fairly young, but that little "1" makes a big difference. I am really, truly, headed into middle age. And as I look around, I realize I’m surrounded by mostly grown-up things now – bookcases that aren’t made out of pressed particle-board. A table that isn’t “oh how cute!” Carpet that wasn’t purchased because “it won’t matter if the kid spills on it, the dog sheds on it, or the cat barfs on it.”

My stuff has grown up, too.

I’ve also outgrown the need for a big to-do about birthdays. Having it acknowledged was nice, but I didn’t really want anything. No special birthday present. Yesterday the Spouse Thingy and I went to the Dayton Art Institute to look at the artwork, found a Schlotzsky’s for lunch (first time in 4-5 years!) and then drove around the base looking for Fun Things To Do. We went into the pro shop at the golf course to find out about fees and rules (nice course but pricey), then found one of the gyms and checked it out – and ran into a guy who teaches TKD there twice a week. It’s in the WTF system, but he doesn’t require sparring, which suits me just fine, so we’re going to show up for the next class and see how that goes. For dinner we went to Chili’s.

Nothing major, nothing overblown. Just a nice way to spend a day.

I did have to buy myself a birthday present, though. A nice, cushy toilet seat. Middle age should have its creature comforts, after all.

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