16 June 2024


CJ spends a good part of the night sleeping with me, usually draped across my hips and thighs, which tends to make my legs go numb. But, hey, he's a Good Boy and he picked me as  His Person, so I let him stay.

The night before last he stretched out near my side, using my body pillow for support. He was comfortable, I was comfortable, and we both fell asleep. I was also happy as hell because there's nothing like a warm kitty who wants nothing more than to be with you sleeping cuddled up close.

I'm not sure how long it was--an hour, maybe three--but I woke to the sound of a tiny, weird sounding meow. That was nothing new; both cats have soft meows unless they really want something, or are scared. I thought he might be having a bad dream, so I reached out to pet him.

Normally when I do, he lifts his head to look at me, even for just a second. But that night, he didn't move. I whispered his name, then said it louder, still petting him. No response.

Carefully, with a whole lot of trepidation, I set my hand on his side. I couldn't feel any movement. No soft rise and fall as he breathed, no tiny muscle twitches from the weight of my hand on him. 

I moved my hand to his chest. Not a thing. No breathing, and I couldn't feel a heartbeat. I pressed harder, still nothing.

So I stuck my finger under his nose, hoping to feel tiny puffs of warm air.


So I did what any hopeful person would do. I started shaking him, speaking loudly, calling his name, begging him to wake up, despite the dread that he would not.

I shook harder.


Finally, I reached for my glasses and half sat up, wondering what the hell I was going to do. I told him, "You're only a year old, CJ, come on."

My watch lit up, bathing his still body in dim light.

He lifted his head, looked at me like, HEY I AM SLEEPING HERE!, and then laid back down, dropping right back into the sleep I worked so hard to rouse him from.

"You," I said into the dark, "are a little shit."



messymimi said...

Indeed they are!

Vicat said...

All 3 of mine are very senior now, and we know with Geo it could be any day, plus with Brat's condition it's always been Any Day (which is one of the reasons I've spoiled him horribly) and I go full on Shirley Macclaine Terms of Endearment at least once a day.
I understand your feels.

Random Felines said... had a tiny foster kitten do this once. She was headed out the door to the vet when the kitten snapped awake yelling like mad. Not funny kittens

Anonymous said...

As Joba lies next to/on top of me every night… I, too, am comforted knowing he’s there. But Joba is 18+. If this happened, I would have the same reaction. CJ is too young … and very naughty for scaring you like that.

dadiesrosebud said...

I'm pretty sure I would not have been able to back to sleep after that!