14 September 2021

I started out September strong: 25 miles cycled toward my goal of 300 for the GCC, and I was feeling pretty good about doing another 25 the next day, and even better about surpassing my goal.

Then I got sick.

No, not COVID. I did get tested. That was the initial concern, because we did go out in public for my birthday. A trip to the museum, a couple of side trips to bike shops in search of a bike for the Spouse Thingy, and a belated dinner out the next day. Somewhere in that, we both picked up some cooties. He started feeling it first, before September, but was over it quickly.

By the time he felt better, I felt like I'd swallowed a blow torch. And it just got worse. I think because I've stayed fairly isolated over the last year and a half, with very low exposure to germs, when I finally encountered some, everything went into overdrive. It went into my ears just a little bit, just enough to make me lightheaded, and then dipped into my chest.

I coughed so hard and so loud that it startled the dog next door. Not even kidding. I sat in the game room, mindlessly playing Animal Crossing, and he must have been right by the fence. I coughed explosively, painfully, and poor Diesel lost his damned mind.

But...the thing bugging me the most was all the time I was losing. All the miles. And here I am on the 14th and today finally ventured outside for a short grocery shopping trip, and it kinda wiped me out for a bit.

I'm still coughing a little but I feel a whole lot better, getting stronger every day, so I will give a short ride a try tomorrow. If that goes well, I'll try to tackle longer distances.

There's still time to hit 300 if I plan well.


If I absolutely cannot, if I wind up cutting rides short because of coughing or fatigue...I'll finish the miles after September. Since I barely got started, if I have to, I'll chuck the 25 I've already done and consider tomorrow day 1, and get it all done before the 15th of October.

Y'all donated; I do the miles. That's the deal. I've had the same issue with breast cancer events, but I make up the miles not done in the time frame expected. This is no different.

I'm excited to get back to it. 

The only real bummer is one of my bikes is in the shop and probably will be for a couple days, so I'll have to start off with a lesser ride. Or take the other road bike off the trainer but that sounds like work and I am lazy.

Or...stay inside and hop on the little desk bike and pedal while playing Animal Crossing, because that's totally riding. 

Is too.




messymimi said...

Yes, it is riding. Just do what you can, no one expects you to ride when you're ill, and i'm glad it's not the covid-monster.

Hnossa said...

Desk bike totally counts! I hope you continue to feel better.