7 August 2019

If you follow Max's author page on Facebook, you know he now has a mancat cave. Basically, we took the dammit machines out of the spare room (which involved taking the treadmill apart...apologies to the Spouse Thingy) and shoved the sofa and love seat in there.

Max is already embracing the idea of his very own room. Most nights, he bugs the crap out of me until I stop working, set the computer aside, and offer my lap.


I offered my lap and he jumped up, circled like 4 times, and gave me this look like, "Eh, I have something better." He wandered off down the hall, and when I went back there, he was lounging on the love seat, looking at me like, "I'm the King, dammit."

We'll let him think this was all an unexpected gift for him. The truth is that he and Buddah had basically ruined that furniture, and the last time I tried to vacuum it, I realized it was kinda gross.

I really didn't want anyone coming over and sitting on it. Yet, it's perfectly functional and they both love it, and combined with the reality that neither I nor the Spouse Thingy enjoyed having the exercise equipment in the hottest room in the house made the idea of swapping the two rooms ideal.


There was a lesson learned here. And that lesson was if you buy a decent treadmill, and have it delivered and built in the room you think you'll use it, make fricking sure it will actually fit through the damned door. This monster treadmill would not fit through the door, not even close, so today the Spouse Thingy carefully took it apart, and it still barely went through.

We're assuming it can be reassembled. If not...that's a damned expensive paperweight.

In any case, the cats are happy, the gross furniture is still in use, and we no longer have a family room. Just an expanded Room of Pain. One that has a nice fireplace for winter and a giant TV that pretty much only gets turned on to watch the news.

It won't be attractive, but...I bet it gets used more often.


Vicat said...

I'm the king, KAREN

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Marley, and Laz) said...

In our house, there is cat furniture and TBTs chair. He doesn't sit on our's and we don't sit on his (but we do sit on him when he sits on his).

TBT is planning to replace the 30 year old carpet in the computer room and our room with linoleum (easier to clean). But he built the computer desk IN the computer room and he's not sure it can be removed. It is so glued and screwed together, it probably can't be undown.

He knows HE can't remove it, but maybe a couple of experienced guys can.

If worst comes to worst, he will just saw it in half. Then return it and put a couble cleats across the bottom of the sawcut.

It is very functional, but not "fine furniture". LOL!

Random Felines said...

Max for the win