31 May 2019

I am slow, but I get there...
I set a goal this year to hit 2000 miles.

This morning I realized I was 20 short to hit the halfway mark by June 1. I'd have probably been there a couple weeks ago if I hadn't thrown my back out, but it is what it is, and I was *just* shy of being on track.

So I got off my asterisk, put some shorts on, grabbed a drink, and headed out. I was only counting on 10 or so, thinking I could make up the difference over the next week by adding a mile or two here and there.

But I got going, and it was so nice out, not at all hot yet, and I was having fun, so I didn't even head toward my break point at Starbucks until I was 12 miles in. I hit 15 just before I stopped for a drink and to take a few minutes to let my poor, aching asterisk off the seat for a bit.

You'll never guess where I always stop for a break...
I have options for the ride home. There's a 1.6 mile route, a 4 mile route, and a 5 miles route...and probably a bunch of others in between, but those are the ones I've ridden and know the distances. What I choose usually depends on the time of day and the traffic, but it was a no-brainer today. I wanted to hit 20 by then, and traffic was light, so off I went.

I hit the driveway with a few wheel rotations past 20 miles, and with some added walking...1003 miles.

As long as nothing else happens--no more back injuries, no getting sick--I think I'll be just fine for making my goal.

Also, my ass hurts.

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Mark's Mews (Ayla, Marley, and Laz) said...

I can never get myself to actually exercise. There is always too much to d around the yard. I USED to do that. I lived in a apartment complex on a circular street that was about a mile, so I would jog it twice a few days per week. And it was on a raised area, so the streets went down, then up. I kept a 50# bag of cat litter in a knapsack and trudged up and down the street a few times each week.

When I moved into my house, I discovered I had more to do than time ever allowed, so I got my exercize that way. Pulling weeds, mowing the lawn, and doing home projects was all I could stand. I should get one of those step-counters... LOL!