21 July 2016

Something I'd forgotten about when training for a long walk...once you start to ratchet up your distance, getting over 5 miles, for a while you're hungry. I mean, you're hungry. You want to eat things as big as your head, and then an hour later, you want to do it again.

I had the same issue when I started swimming; for the first 2 weeks, all I wanted to do was eat.

Now, the first time I trained for this, IIRC, that kind of hunger didn't hit until I was walking over 8-10 miles. And then, it made sense; I'd burned 1000 calories, I was going to want to eat.

Today I did 4 easy miles (and I still have a hard time believing 4-6 miles is easy now, given how hard it was a few years ago) and would have done a couple more if not for the heat (which wasn't even 80 degrees...I am not adjusted to summer yet.) I stopped at Starbucks halfway for some iced tea, thinking that I would head for a place where I knew there was a restroom, because...tea...but wound up at home instead because I are a wimp.

An hour later, I wanted to eat everything in sight. I still do. I've restrained myself, but there's a gallon of ice cream in the freezer, and I've heard it calling my name since I got home.

This does not bode well for me. By the time I hit 10 miles, I'm going to be eating things the size of small children. If it keeps up, by the time the 3 Day rolls around I will have gained 75 pounds.

Really hoping next week to get into San Francisco again, but this time we'll park near Pier 39 and walk toward the Golden Gate Bridge. We can get 8 miles in without worrying about heat, and then the Spouse Thingy can have fresh seafood, and I will have popcorn or a pretzel, because, ew, seafood.

Really glad the doc said I could walk this year. I've missed this.


Cary said...

You know we're all pulling for you

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Marley, and Laz) said...

I admire your running. The longest I ever ran on the track team in high school was 2 miles and all I wanted after that was a whole pizza and some beers. LOL!

(in)Sain Adventures said...

It never ends well if I go shopping right after working out (when it the most convenient)

Just Ducky said...

Maybe if you took some smaller healthy snacks to eat while you do your miles. Keep giving yourself food and do have a snack.

I just came in from my early AM walk to beat the heat. Only two miles, then had the rest of my breakfast. Once it gets cooler and I can walk farther, it will be interesting to see how my body does with wanting food.

Thumper said...

Oh, GOd, if I ever run 60 miles...shoot me LOL
This is alllll walking.

And I do take snacks, but for the first couple of weeks, there's the inevitable hunger while my body adjusts. I don't let myself get miserable but I also don't cave into it as much as I would like. THere's no walking off an extra 3000 calories a day.