27 April 2016

You know the old adage, "It doesn't matter who you vote for, just that you vote?"

I believe that. If you're an adult, get your sorry ass registered to vote if you haven't, and on election day take that sorry ass to your assigned polling place and cast your vote.

All the whining about "my vote won't count" or "my candidate isn't going to win so why bother?" is bullshit. Just vote. It's not that hard.

California's primaries are so late that a lot of the time it feels like it doesn't matter. I'll still go vote, because CIVIC RESPONSIBILITY.

And no, I am not voting Republican. I probably won't vote Republican again until the party returns to a sense of sanity over Tea-Party hysterics. And make no mistake, I see a very sharp divide between Republicans and the Republican Party. Most of the former that I know are perfectly nice, thoughtful, reasonable people; I'm seeing none of that in the former. Republicans are mostly sane; the party is broken.

Still...if you are a registered Republican and haven't voted yet, it might surprise the hell out of you to know that if you're voting for Trump, it doesn't bother me. In fact, were I a registered Republican I would vote for him over Cruz, ten times over (if voting ten times were legal.)

Here's the thing...I initially wondered (out loud, on social media) if Trump was mentally ill. It would explain a lot. Then I wondered if he was perhaps trolling the entire political process; face it, the Trump who is running for the Republican nomination is not the Trump people who know him personally say that he is. He has the money to stage a whim, and the entire political process is so fractured, so why not?

I don't like the things he says or the way he says them--the racist, misogynistic, homophobic, Muslim-hating rhetoric is just plain wrong--but I also don't think he truly means them. He's tapping into the underlying anger of the masses and playing on it, and while he's at it has exposed the really ugly underbelly of our culture. If he's somehow elected, there's no way--and he knows it--he can carry out most of the things he's claiming he can do (while also never stating HOW he'll do any of it.)

Trump comes off as crazy, and it's by intent. He knows what he's doing, he knows the room he's playing to.

I actually get the appeal of Trump. He's the anti-politician playing the politician's game, and beating them. He's not the establishment, while also being very much a part of the establishment. But I hate that so many of his most vocal supporters are swallowing whole the fear he's whipping up and calling for that wall to be built and for Muslims to be deported. Trump knows those things won't happen, but I'm not so sure about his supporters.

Cruz, on the other hand...this guy is the real deal: Tea Party, backasswards, vile, evil (IMNSHO, of course.) I've had the chance lately to talk to a couple of people who actually have met him and worked with him, and the consensus: you want real evil, vote for him. He's loathsome, tiresome, and eats giant bowls of Jerk Flakes for breakfast.

(Ok, so maybe not that last one...but the labels I've heard are "jerk," "asshole," "mean," and "possible Anti-Christ.")

((I do not for one moment believe he is actually the Anti-Christ.))

I have no desire to turn the clocks back so far we wind up back in the 50s. I suspect Cruz would be happy to take us there. And I'm sorry (really, I am,) because this is so freaking childish, but I really do want to punch the TV every time I see him on it. He evokes in me a visceral response that is not reasonable at all, but it's real enough to make me trust my gut.

So who am I voting for?

Haven't decided.

But I WILL vote.


Just Ducky said...

Yep, gotta vote. Many people says ABC, Anybody But Cruz.

Robyn Harton & The (Mostly) Badass Cat said...

Def gotta vote.

Mighty Kitty said...

Not Cruz!

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Marley, and Laz) said...

I may have missed a couple primary votes in my life, and in 1980, and just couldn't vote for Anderson (the lines were just TOO long for a meaningless vote), but I've never missed an opportunity to vete otherwise.

If there isn't someone you want to vote FOR, there is surely someone you want to vote AGAINST. I have voted BEFORE a couple times to vote AGAINST someone.

Thos year, things are truly bizarre. I'm progressive, so my only choice is Clinton and Sanders. I agree with Sanders more, but can't think of him as Manager of the Executive Branch. "Movement Leaders" do not make good Presidents. So I am going with Clinton. She will manage government skillfully, in a direction I approve.

The Republicans have a real problem (hurray). Trump is basically ignorant of world affairs and is inane, but is a deal-maker, while Cruz is simply a grenade thrown into the room. I loved it when Sen Graham said Cruz could be killed on the Seante floor and no one would be convicted. And when Boehnor said he was "Lucifer in the flesh" and and SOB to work with, I laughed aloud. But it is so true, Cruz is so despised in the Senate.

The only dangerous Republican candidate would be Kasich. That would make the race traditional. But they aren't going to nominate him.

The Democrats will get the Presidency a 3rd term, the Senate back and maybe even the House. And THAT could mean the Supreme Court for a generation.

I can only hope...

But it is still going to feel scarey until after Election Day!