17 March 2016

Last year, I was swimming. A lot. In fact, I did so much swimming—about 1.5-2 miles 4x a week—that I killed my shoulder. It got to where I could barely move it, so I backed off on it (the timing was good because it was getting cold out, and the pool is outdoors) and decided to ramp up the walking, specifically trying to trim time off my pace, shooting for under 16 minutes per mile.

Here’s the thing when you’re kinda fat and in phfft shape…you really do need to approach things at a slower pace until you’re not as fat and in slightly better than =meh= shape.

I did not do that, and wound up with significant hip and lower back pain.

Now, did I go to the doctor about any of this?

Hell, no. With my shoulder, there was that little voice that said my doc would send me to another doc, who would declare my rotator cuff shredded and it must be reamed out. Clearly I know better than the medical professionals, so I decided to rest it.

My hip and back…well, I have arthritis in both, and a narrow lower spine, and have been told before to just back off and rest it. So that’s what I did. I rested and gained back 5 unhappy pounds.

In the bigger picture, I just wanted to be able to get back to walk-jogging soon enough to get my time fast enough to survive the Pixie Dust Challenge. And I was getting there, I really was.

But then the Spouse Thingy had something come up, something that’s not really mine to tell (but it’s not horrible, so don’t worry) but that, if it comes to pass, will mean I should stay home and we would both miss the races we registered for. I was seriously looking forward to this (because it’s at Disneyland) but honestly, I am not disappointed.

And I’m not disappointed because for once MISSING SOMETHING IS NOT MY FAULT!

Insert Snoopy Dance.

Since I don’t have to focus on cutting my walk pace, I can get back into the pool. I swam for the first time since October the other day, making sure I didn’t push too hard, and it felt great. It was half an hour of oh yesssss, and I wanted to keep going but forced myself out of the pool. I’m going back tomorrow and will swim for 40 minutes, and see how that feels (though this time, if at 40 minutes I still feel great, I’m staying in the water and will just work on kicks.)

I’ve also managed to drag myself out of bed most mornings between 7-7:30, which gives me the cooler part of the day to get out and walk…with my eye on the Yosemite Half in October, and the 60 miles of the 3 Day in November.

Max’s book is also coming along…so this will be a busy spring and summer, and as long as it doesn’t get too horribly hot, don’t count on me for much of anything else.

I got some sweating to do.

And some writing.

Sometimes, both at the same time.


kenju said...

I can sympathize with the pains; I hope yours subside with rest. I have been doing PT for sciatica and lower back pain for about a month now. Just as I was seeing progress with the hip, I slipped out of bed, landing on my left hip and breaking my shoulder bone and tearing a ligament in the process. It's always something - but I try to focus on the fact that it could be a lot worse. I coudl have broken my hip and/or my neck. Than God, I didn't.

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Marley, and Laz) said...

I damaged my left rotater cuff once (throwing a rock at a squirrel with the wrong arm - well, I didn't want to actually injure the squirrel, just annoy it) and it took 6 months before it was back to normal. But at least I didn't have to visit a doctor either. Time heals SOME wounds.

Anyway, serves me right for bothering the squirrel.

Mighty Kitty said...

I now have arthritis in my hands, spine, knees, legs, feet and almost every joint. Exercise does hurt when you do it but it makes moving so much easier after your muscles learn to handle it. I hope you feel better and remember that everything is fine in moderation. PS. I find that Salonpas really helps and so does Biofreeze. No it is not going to be freezing anything but very penetrating. Hope this helps!