26 March 2011

I mentioned previously that on Tuesday the Spouse Thingy and I went to San Fransisco to meet up with some friends. And of that adventure, you got to see a picture of the frog I bought.

Why no mass of SF pictures? 'Cause I always post SF pictures, right? rained. It rained a lot, and the Spouse Thingy kept the camera in the backpack while it rained. He took pictures when it wasn't raining, but many of them?

Karen & Sandy's backsides

Apparently this is my better side.

Now, friends Sandy and Tom were in town for a week, and in that week it rained Every.Single.Day.

Pounding rain.

Whipping wind.

I think we've had 22 straight days of rain, and I'm ready for some sun and some warm. They've headed back home to WI, so for sure next week will be bright and sunny, with temps in the 70s.

At least it didn't turn sunny today, the day after they left, because that would totally have been a major Mother Nature Middle Finger kind of thing.

(Yes, I would have laughed...a little...)

And just for kicks, here's my shiny ball I also got in SF.


Since it is still raining, the rest of my weekend will probably be spent in the office, in front of the computer, as I try to wrap up The Flipside of Doubt. I think--after writing and abandoning around 10,000 words--I found the thread my editor was looking for.

Think being the operative word.


Mila said...

I'm entranced by that ball... where did you get it? Do they have a website? *drooling copiously*

jenianddean said...

I like the frog, but I really like the shiny ball too. Successful trip to SF, for sure.

Thumper said...

The Shop is "The Crystal Shop" ( ) but the manufacturer is Glass Eye Studio and they have a website at

Angel, Kirby and Max said...

That is a shame that it rained the whole week. We would love to have some of that rain! We have had no rain in March!

That ball is beautiful!

kmilyun said...

I was stuck in that crap weather yesterday and did not even get a cool ball for my efforts.