18 October 2010

File under Well Duh:

While addressing a stack of envelopes by hand, I inverted a couple of numbers on a street address, and muttered--out loud--"Gotta redo that, can't send it with a typo."

Um. Yeah.



Angel, Kirby and Max said...

Um, Yeah! Don't you just hate that you wasted an envelope!

Roses said...

I was trying to show Younger Son how to cook something on the stove one day when he suddenly needed to take a bathroom break.
He pointed at the pot I was stirring and asked me to pause it.

las794 said...

I don't know how many times I've done something dumb in real life & immediately thought "Undo"!

Chrissie said...

So? All ya gotta do is hit "delete"!



Karen Jo said...

Chuckle. Things like that occur to me, too, and only later does it hit me that it's silly.

Marti said...

Received your thank you and pink key fob on Saturday for my little contribution to the cause. Thanks!