Bulleted for your....annoyance

  • I have tinnitus. It's at its worst at night, when the house is quiet. I can't be normal and just have ringing in my ears; I hear things that aren't there. Because I know they're not there, I can almost ignore them. I routinely ignore the sound of a TV turned to horse racing or an auction in another room, Dan Rather's voice droning, and meowing (though it took a while before I learned to separate real meowing from tinnitus inspired meowing.) However, I now hear a phone ringing, and that is hard as hell to ignore. Makes me wanna stab my ear with a Q-tip.

  • The house is now up on the MLS; it's selling for $105,000 less than the owner bought it for (approved short sale.) At that price it just might sell...I like how upbeat the listing makes it. "Maple wood floors" instead "cheap ass dark laminate." I am, however, annoyed the listing does not state "Do not disturb tenants" as we had requested.

  • We're looking online at houses, trying to figure out where we might want to live. It would help if we had a clue when we might be moving, if we can get out of our lease under the circumstances, or how much time new owners will give us to get out if it sells fast. Lots of questions spring into your head when you might be moving soon and might be trying to buy.

  • buyers, if we seek out a real estate agent, when we actually buy a house, who pays the agent? Us? Or do they split the sales commission with the seller's broker? I think I know, but I'm not 100% sure.

  • Will someone's head explode before this is all over?

  • Lots of Hell's Angels riding around here this weekend. They are headed towards SF for the funeral of the HA SF president, it seems. This only became a personal issue when approached by a couple of rough looking guys in the Wendy's parking lot...they wanted a closer look at my scooter, deemed it "trippy" and walked away. I am very glad I did not see the backs of their vests until they were leaving, otherwise I might have peed myself a little.

  • Ever notice how bikers wave to each other? It's often a two-finger wave, fingers pointed towards the ground ("keep the sticky side down.") There's this one guy around here, he rides a bright red Harley, dresses in all black no matter the temp (and I am impressed to see a rider in black leather when it's 110 out) and rides no matter the weather. When I first started riding the Rebel, he gave me a thumbs up the first time he saw me, waved after that. When I got the SV, he waved. Today...he flipped me off.

  • :::shrugs:::

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