Keep your fingers crossed...there's a chance that, while we still have to move, it would only be to next door. Seems the house that was for sale for forever recently sold, the new owner did lots of work on the inside, and after having it back for sale for a couple weeks is renting it out. Right now its being rented for 4-6 weeks by his Realtor, which would make it available right about the time we would need it.

Spouse Thingy got to go inside and take a quick peek at it; it's a little smaller than this one, which is fine. It's a little less per month, which is great. AND IT HAS A POOL! The idea of moving is sucky, but I don't think I mind as much if it's just next door. Still have to contend with deposits and the like, but not a truck and stuff.

Once we leave this house, we may take bets on how long it'll be before there's a foreclosure notice on it. Looking at the sale records for it, the guy bought it 2 years ago for around 425K and 10 months later took a 2nd on it for $240K...We're wondering if he's just riding it out until our lease is up so he can bail on it.

We shall see...

But keep your fingers crossed...

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