He’s not feeling too hot…again.

This time he seems to have something wrong with his mouth, whether it’s a cavity or abscess, or plugged salivary gland, we can’t be sure. But he keeps working his tongue like he’s trying to push something out of his mouth, and he can’t open it all the way to yawn.

He tries; he starts to open up for a great big oh-I’m-tired yawn, and stops less than halfway. He still has a good appetite, but only for soft food; I don’t think he’s touched the dry food in a couple of days.

So, tomorrow we call the vet. Hopefully it’s something simple. Heck if it’s a cavity they can clean his teeth while he’s under; we haven’t been able to brush them in a while.

Bu damn—kids and pets always know when you’re trying to save a little money, and they time getting sick for then. Really. We said the “M” word, and in his determination to not move again, he hacked up a cavity, I’m sure of it.

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