As you can see, the Evilness that lives next door, to my immediate left, needs a little lesson in proper neighborhood etiquette.

I mean, come on. Who hangs their laundered (well we hope they were laundered) underthingies out front for the whole world to see?

Especially while they’re out camping.
You think they’d notice this before they left.

We did note, however, that they’re pretty meticulous about when they wear their undies.
She wears her bright red, black laced trimmed, on Tuesdays, it seems...

(look closely…it says right there on the left hip!)

And these are his, um, JULY skivvies…


We did find, however, that she’s obviously done really well with the Boot Camp class—I mean, look at that weight loss!—and the combination South Beach/Zone/Atkins thing has been very kind to him.

And, um, YEAH…they hung those up THEMSELVES!
You don’t think I’d eve do anything like that to my neighbors, do ya?
Not without some help…

:::wanders off, laughing to self:::

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