You Are My Sunshine…

It’s a tease, I know it. The temps soared today—I think we hit 58, and it felt damned good. I washed my car and got off all the road salt that’s accumulated over the last couple of months, cleaned a bunch of trash out of the garage (not that you can really tell), opened the front door and let some fresh air in (yes, Max, you’re welcome) and did a little cleaning. The neighborhood kids got to play outside this afternoon, and it was nice to hear the laughter drift through the front door.

It can’t last. I know that. It’s the middle of February, for Pete’s sake—two days from now it could all turn and we could get socked with 12 inches of snow.

That would make me a very unhappy Wabbit…I am so freaking ready for Spring. I want it to hit 75 so I can put the top down on the car and cruise—hell, I almost put it down today, but common sense finally won out. Near-60 is almostwarm enough to go topless, but only if you’ve just survived a North Dakota winter.

I supposed I should be grateful if we do get another cold snap.
I have a spiffy new jacket to wear.
All right, a little more cold would be okay, but just a little.

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