Today's Email, Shared With Permission

Hey Thumper,

You don't know me at all but I've lurked on your blog since almost the beginning. I found it sometime around when you were moving and had just had the brain tumor removed. You were telling the world about Max howling all the way from to Ohio.

When I read your post today it occured to me that I had thought about your dog just a few days ago. I didn't realize it had been two years already. And then I thought yes it had to be, because you posted about a new pain drug for dogs, Deramax, and we had an elderly dog who was having considerabe pain from arthritis. His vet mentioned Rimadyl but wouldn't prescribe it because of the side effects. But your blog post popped into my head and I asked him about the Deramax; he nodded and agreed it would be better than feeding him coated aspirin all the time or not giving him anything.

Anyway, Watcher our dog, has had 2 really good years now. Age is catching up with him but at least he's been able to take long walks and play with us. And if your mentioning that drug helped Watcher, you can be sure other people read it and it helped their dogs, too.

I loved reading about Hank and cried when he passed, but please know that his legacy is having helped at least one dog, and his owners are forever grateful.

Good luck with Max and the new kitty.
Drew Sabato

You don't know how touched I am that someone remembers Hank and those last weeks; and knowing that what he went through there in the end helped someone.

I'm going to go hug the PsychoKitty now, even though he hates that.

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