For just the 2nd time, we got to see the Boy perform. This afternoon was the run-through for the ATP Students’ Showcase; parents and siblings and invited guests got to see the dress rehearsal, and Monday they go to San Francisco to present the Showcase to a theater full of potential employers.

I’ve said before, these kids are good. The room was throbbing with talent; the audience was literally moved to tears, wondrous laughter, and fear.

Definitely fear. At least on my end, after watching the Boy’s scene, I never want to piss him off because I’ve now seen him in a fit of pure, explosive, combustible rage. He didn’t just play an angry young man on stage; he was an angry young man, and in those few minutes, completely terrifying.

I so freaking wish we could have taped the whole thing. Mostly the Boy, but I wish we could have taped the whole thing.

So Monday they head for SF, and then next Thursday they graduate.

Then…the Real World (and not the one as portrayed on MTV…) I’m not worried about what the Real World will do to my kid. I have a feeling he can grab it by the goodies and bring it to its knees.

But yeah.
No making the boy angry.
You won’t like him when he’s angy…

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