In No Particular Order…

  • Yes, I changed the template for the blog. Or, rather, tweaked it here and there. I needed a change.

  • It’s Mother’s Day. As if you didn’t know already.

  • I had a very nice, quiet Mother’s Day, during which the Boy triggered a thing in my head that may produce a book at some point. I can feel the story, just can’t see it yet.

  • There was an earthquake at around 3:30 this morning. I did not feel it and found out about it 5 seconds ago when the talking head on TV mentioned it.

  • Yeah, that’s right. The earth moved and I didn’t feel it.

  • Worse, the earth moved and the Spouse Thingy wasn’t even home.

  • Dark M&Ms are quite tasty.

  • At least one person finds a stuffed animal mooning them objectionable.

  • Unlike other online book stores, Books-A-Million has the cover images and annotations for all my books. And they’re selling them cheaper.

  • The cat had a giant bug up his butt this morning, and wanted to tell the whole world about it.

  • I was asleep when he felt this need to share. But not for long.

  • There’s a female cat in heat hanging around outside; she calls to Max all day long, and he wants to go outside to see her, but he’s not exactly equipped to meet her needs.

  • We are seriously considering getting Max a sibling.

  • Max will be even more surly than before when we do.

  • All people with a Blogroll should be required to utilize the “Blogroll Me” command so I can just click and add them to mine.

  • Nearly every damned time I type the word “blogroll” it comes out “blogrool.”

  • I think I am done abusing the li tag.

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