We finally bought a bed. After much musing, research, waffling back and forth, and plopping down on beds in several stores, we settled on a Tempur-Pedic. You know, the one often seen in late night infomercials. The very expensive viso-elastic You Can’t Disturb Your Partner bed.

It was delivered yesterday, and all evening long I looked forward to going to bed for the first time in a very long time. My back kept whispering, “I finally get a break? Yes? We got me a new bed??? Yay!”

Before plunking down the money, I did a chitload of reading reviews on this bed; out of 27 billion, I only found a couple of Don’t-Buy-This reviews. So after lying down on one in the showroom, and feeling my body go “aaaaahhhhhhh,” I decided this was it. The Perfect Bed.

I slept like crap last night.
My back feels like someone beat me with a baseball bat.
I am very disappointed.

Now, granted, in many of those reviews was the advice that one needs to give this bed a week or two; it will be harder than normal at first, and needs to ‘learn’ to adapt to your body. So we’ll see. But the dozen or so times I woke up last night I had the mantra “we can take it back, we can take it back” running through my head.

I’ll give it a week or two, and won’t hesitate to send it back if it still sucks. Hurray for the 90 day trial period.

Still, I have high hopes.

So does my back.

In other news, Max has caught whatever Buddah had, and is going to the vet this afternoon because he seems to have it bad. Poor kitty.

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