All The Pretty Pictures...

Most of my graphics are missing. This thrills me not; they're missing because the domain at which I had them stored expired. No one bothered to send me a renewal notice; when I signed onto my account to find out what was happening and tried to renew, my host claimed Network Solutions was where I registered the domain; Network Solutions claims it was registered through a different wholesaler.


I seem to have lost the domain
As well as everything I had stored there.
And the email address associated with it...

That's really the only thing I care about; that email address. That address is associated with so many things it's not funny--like my PayPal account. Credit card notices go there. Sheesh.

I probably won't have time today to recreate any of the graphics, so the blog might look a little stupid for a few days. Today I have to bounce from place to place and hope that I can change my email address with Very Important Places.

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