I woke up this morning with the cat draped across my chest, his tail flicking across my nose, and the perfect opening to the story that’s been pinging around in my brain right there in front of me.

After getting Max off of me, I turned on my computer, ran to the bathroom to pee (had to wait for the system to boot up and I was about to pop, so…), opened the window because it was way too stuffy in here, heard the little music thingy that says “Hey, Windows has now loaded!” and sat down, ready to write my little head off. I was going to type til my fingers bled.

And it was gone.

Just like that =poof= the perfect opening to the most kick-ass story ever written was gone. Max sat at the edge of the bed, meowing, mocking me, ticked off because he was comfortable curled up on top of me. I could almost understand him: “Hey, that’s what you get for dumping the kitty onto the bed without so much as a ‘Good morning, how are you?’ If you would have just been nice, maybe your brain would actually work. But no, it’s your brain, and we can’t expect too much…”

So I surfed around, hoping it would come back to me. I went out to run errands, hoping it would come back to me. I got back online and surfed some more, hoping I’d see something that would trigger a neuron or two into firing so that it would come back to me.

Max came back to sit at the edge of the bed again, tilted his little head, and said something I can only think translates into, “Maybe you’re brain dead. Give me some crunchy treats, and forget about it. You suck.”

Oh, and to make things worse, dark chocolate M&Ms may only be a temporary thing, and no one seems to carry them! If I had some, I know that line would come back to me, and the book would flow forth like milk and honey from the promised land.

Um, yeah.
I can get a little over the top when I can’t think straight.
And yes, the cat is mocking me.

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