Dear So-And-So, Part Dos

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger,

You seem to be trying very hard to get your own way as far as running California goes. In fact, you’re pissing a whole lot of people off; I suppose that’s part of the job since you can’t make everyone happy. Honestly, I don’t think you’re doing a very good job, but you could do one little thing that would make me change my mind.

Since you seem to believe you can do anything, see what you can do about regulating the weather and temperature in Northern CA. Like today—today was a beautiful day! Sunny, 74 degrees tops (at least where I’m at), a very gentle breeze… I would like for every day to be pretty much just like this. It would make me, and many other CA voters, very very happy. And it would contribute to the economy, since I would be out driving around every day. I need gas for that, and the more gas I buy, the more money dripping into the other peoples' pockets, and then they have more to spend.

Heck, I’d be happy if it was like this 5 out of 7 days. Give the farmers the rain they need the other 2 days.

Oh, and quit picking on nurses and teachers. They’re about to get all Total Recall on your ass, and you really won’t like them when they all pissed off. Someday you may get sick and need nurses, and face it, you have kids still in need of teachers…

Someone who didn’t vote for you, and probably won’t next time around, unless you pull this off.

Dear George Lucas,

You have an awesomely creative mind; the latest Star Wars movie is a visual buffet; the costuming is great, the special effects are awesome. The story line—all 6 movie tied neatly together—is nothing short of amazing.

But please, Mr. Lucas, hire someone else to write your dialogue. Someone who can make up his mind whether the dialect is modern or medieval, contemporary or formal. This mix of verbal genres is so jarring to the ear that it takes away from the overall impact of what could have been one of the greatest movies ever. Our greatest actors couldn’t overcome the dialogue they’d been given (well, not that I consider Hayden Christensen to be a great actor…but Samuel L. Jackson is pretty damned good, and even he couldn’t sound convincing.)

And come on… “You’re either with me…or you’re my enemy.”???

Great plot, sucky words.

Not A SW Geek, But I Do Love A Good Movie.

Dear M&Ms People,

Please make the dark M&M a permanent thing. We love them, and no one can find them.

Suffering From Major Withdrawal

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