<== This is why I think I should be outside, playing with my new toy, making up places to go and see instead of sitting here at my desk, where I’m making up things to do online instead of work. I even paid bills rather than work. Though I think I dated them all wrong…

Earlier I did go out and gas up my car, all by myself. Yes, this is an accomplishment. Usually I wait until the Spouse Thingy is with me, and he gets out and does it. I was quite proud of myself, figuring out the Costco gas pumps, which I avoided before because you have to stick your membership in first (don’t laugh…I have this thing about doing stuff for the first time.)

I even went and bought some sunscreen, reasoning that a convertible + sunshine = potential skin cancer down the road. Yep, I stood in Wal Mart, pondering all the possibilities. 30 spf? 40? 48? 50? In the end I chose some non-greasy 48, paid for it…and promptly put it in the trunk, where I forgot about it until I got home.

Yes, I now have 3 different kinds of things growing on the tips of my ears because I did not apply sunscreen for the 5 minutes it took me to get home.

Once I got home, I realized we were out of bread.

That gives me a reason to go back out, right? Bread, milk, ice cream for the Boy, since the Spouse Thingy couldn’t find the one he wanted at the commissary (where I assure you, it was not free. You should have heard the checkbook crying…)

Oh! And most importantly, Cadbury Chocolate Crème Eggs. Am I the only person who cannot find these this year? Do I need to drive across the country? Did they not make them this year? Do they not know some of us depend on them this time of year, every year?

Well now.
I have a mission to accomplish.
Find the Cadbury Chocolate Crème Eggs.

Have new toy, will travel…

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