The Dilemma

It’s just a cold.

The nausea went away after a couple days of doing not much else than lying in bed and snoozing, and the rest has settled into a mildly sore throat, a little stuffiness, and a cough.

It’s not a major cough, but it is a cough.
I don’t even feel that bad.
But I sound funky, I think.
I answered the phone earlier, and I could barely talk.

The thing is…I reallllly want a pizza. I’ve wanted a pizza for a week, and I reallllly want one right now. I didn’t lose my appetite when I contracted the weenie of all colds, so it would not be a waste. It’s not like I would order the pizza, then sit there and stare at it like it was a circular pile of alien vomit.

I would totally eat it.

The real thing is, if I go out to get this pizza, I will be exposing other people to my cooties. Now, on one hand I feel justified, because surely someone else was wandering around in public, spreading the joy. On the other hand…well, there really is no other hand, since I don’t particularly want to spread it around.

But I want the damn pizza.
I want it so much the want feels like need.
And I don’t want delivery.


:::stomps off, trying to justify going out:::

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