In a fit of “well, maybe the Y isn’t too far to go to,” we drove out there today. I just wanted to see how far it really is and how long it would take. And I keep thinking about how freaking expensive Gold’s Gym will be… $110 a month. I can’t bring myself to spend that on a gym membership.

Going via the Interstate, the Y is 16.5 miles and takes about 25 minutes. Going back roads, it’s 10 miles and takes about 20 minutes. And it’s $30 cheaper. Which I would surely chew up in gas.

But…but but but but but…The YMCA has a much bigger pool; heck, they have 2 pools. One is a rec/lap lane pool, and the other is a warm water pool, geared for people with arthritis.

That would be me.

We’ve been members there before. The locker room isn’t as bright and shiny as Gold’s and there aren’t all the amenities, but the main thing I want—the pool—is better than Gold’s and I’ll likely always get a lane when I want. If a lane isn’t available, I can exercise in the warm water pool.

When we inquired about the pool crowds, and were trying to decide if we just wanted to go with the Y for awhile (another plus in their side is that they don’t require a contract) the lady behind the desk offered, “well, let me give you two free weeks so you can decide for sure.”

Another 2 free weeks.
2 weeks to see if I really don’t mind the drive.

I did mind the other day when I went to Gold’s twice in a 3 hour span and couldn’t get a lane—even shared—in the pool.

And I love to drive my car around when it’s warm enough to put the top down.

So, we’ll see. The joys of being indecisive have gotten me free passes with which I can become decisive. And by then I’ll have started PT, and can get input from the PT torture person.

Is it sucky that this is the excitement in my life? Getting free passes to go swim? Why can’t I have the excitement of winning the lottery instead?

Oh yeah…you have to remember to buy a ticket in order to win.

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