Ignore Me, I'm Feeling Saccharine Today...

One of my favorite places to visit online is The Mows. It’s a daily comic strip about 3 cats, Noni, Indy, and Tigey, and it’s based on 3 real cats. A couple of days ago I surfed on in to get my daily giggle, but was greeted by a plain white page with a drawing of Tigey, announcing his death. The real Tigey, not the comic Tigey.

It hit me kinda hard. And stayed stuck in my head. I realized after a little while that what was hitting me so hard was Dusty. My gut feeling was that Tigey went through what Dusty did, only much faster. And Jay, the guy who draws The Mows, was kind enough to run a few strips yesterday explaining what happened to Tigey…and it was so much like Dusty that it hit me again. And at the bottom of the page of the strips explaining Tigey’s death are a couple of pictures of the real Tigey.

He could have been Dusty’s brother.

Yeah, I don’t think I’m an entirely rational person; Dusty died 4 years ago. I thought I was “over” it. But those little furballs work so deep into you that I suppose you never really get over missing them. I still miss Hank, too, and he’s been gone almost 2 years.

Now I watch my psychotic little furball snooze on the bed, and realize I’ll have to go through it all over again someday. Maybe more than once, if we decide to get another kitten this spring.

I’ll get through it when it happens; intellectually I know that. Knowing that our furry friends don’t live long enough won’t keep me from having them in my life.

But right now…it stings a little. And I’m sure Jay and his family are stinging over losing Tigey. So if you would, send good thoughts their way. Like Dusty, Tigey wasn’t “just a cat.” None of them are “just” animals. They’re little parasites, feeding off our hearts…and that’s okay.

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