Creepy Old Guy has apparently followed me from Ohio to California and from the Beavercreek Y to Gold's Gym. Or he has a twin. Imagine my surprise when I wandered out of the women's locker room to see New Creepy Old Guy (it has to be a new guy...right?) in the pool. He looks ALOT like Old Creepy Old Guy, and he stares the same way. You know, the kind of stare you'd expect out of some harmless old perv--the guy who doesn't realize he's leering like a lech, but wouldn't even think of laying a hand on you.

New Creepy Old Guy could be Old Creepy Old Guy's twin. Same hair, same leer, same build, same sagging man-boobs...Oddly enough, seeing Creepy New Guy made me think that this will be a good place to swim. I think I kind of missed Creepy Old Guy. But I don't miss all the crud that floated through the Y's water--which hopefully wasn't there due to Creepy Old Guy.

In other news, Thumper had a doctor’s appointment today (routine chit) and walked out without picking up her new prescriptions. Let us now add senility to the growing list of Thumper’s ills…

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