Here, Have Some Cheese…

Okay. At what point did we stop teaching kids how to behave in public? Worse, at what point did we join in on their misbehavior as if it were a game? The Spouse Thingy and I stopped at a local place for a quick bit to eat this evening; in a nearby booth was a father and son (I presume that was their relationship; I could be wrong) and they were both acting like asses. They were bouncing around, annoying the people in the booth attached to them, they were loud, banging forks against the table, kicking each other, reaching across the table in an odd game of slap-fighting.

I don’t mind kids being kids…but holy crap, aren’t we supposed to teach them to NOT behave this way in public instead of joining in on it? I really felt for the people in the other booth; they gave up and left. They could have confronted the father, but I don’t blame them for not doing it—I’m not sure I’d trust a man wielding a fork who doesn’t seem to worry about how he uses it.

I went back to the base hospital today—I even remembered to pick up my meds and schedule an appointment with physical therapy—and I went to the lab to get my blood drawn. Have I ever mentioned that I can be a difficult stick? The poor airman who first tried to draw my blood got about a teaspoon and had to call for help. I now have a nice bruisy bump on the back of my hand (usually the only place they can get it.) Second guy comes in, thinks he feels a vein in the crook of my arm, sticks the needle in…and it’s gone. My veins roll. He couldn’t find it, so out that needle came.

Figuring the third time would be the charm, he tried the back of my other hand. He needed 5 tubes, only got two before the vein blew. He gave up. I felt bad because they both seemed defeated, but on the other hand, I sat there like a trooper while they dug around under my skin with needles, and I didn’t even get a lollipop! They had a whole jarful, and I didn’t get one! Where's my freaking lollipop?

Skipped the gym today, and went to a movie instead. But before that we braved the commissary. Reality slapped me like a cold, wet rag: I cannot walk the entire distance of the commissary and then stand in line to pay for everything. I had to go sit in the car and wait for the Spouse Thingy to survive the line and then bring the groceries out to the car.

PT better work, dammit.

There are 2 really good used bookstores in town, and they both sell audio books, which the Spouse Thingy loves (long commute, they help pass the time…) Problem? 99% of them are on cassette, and he needs CDs. He did find 4 books on CD, and got them for less than the price on one brand new one. But still…if I’m gonna whine, I’m gonna whine about it all.


But I’m done now.

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