On Golden...Sweat

In the face of being told “Yep, it’s arthritis” (well, not those words exactly…but that was the consensus between my doc, the other doc, and the radiologist) I realized I have to get back to some form of exercise. Sweating and grunting and heavy breathing is supposed to be good for arthritis; at least low impact sweating and grunting and heavy breathing is. But not sweating and grunting and heavy breathing in a fun way.

So we went to Gold’s Gym yesterday to check out the facilities.

I remember when Gold’s was a musclehead’s paradise: the walls dripped with testosterone, ephedra, caffeine, aspirin, and more testosterone, and women were most definitely not welcome there. Women had their little day spas, not free weights. When I worked at International Fitness Center, as the tide was turning and women were more accepted in the gym (because there were aerobics classes!) Gold’s was still known more for the “serious” body builder and not delicate little ladies.

Not anymore.
I think the women outnumber the men.
I think the women could hurt the men…

I was blown over by the sheer volume of available equipment, the classes they offer, the pool…and the price. It is a little pricey compared to the Y, but the Y is far enough away that I’d chew up in gas the difference in membership fees.

They gave us each a free 2 week pass to try it out. Now, sure, I know they’ll give anyone a free 2 week pass, but this was us! I felt special! And having 2 weeks is especially helpful, as the pool has to be warm enough for my poor FMS body to handle. If the water is too cold, there’s no point in joining.

So we went to the gym today.
The water was warm enough.
And just off the women’s locker room is a women’s only weight room.

The locker room is clean, cleaner than any locker room I’ve ever been in (and that includes the IFC locker room that I used to clean…) They have everything you could need, except perhaps, as the Spouse Thingy pointed out, a toothbrush. Sterilized combs, spray deodorant, shampoo and body soap, blow dryers… and did I mention how clean it is?

I only swam for half an hour today, mostly because the cheap assed nose plug I bought wouldn’t stay on, the snorkel leaked, and my goggles wouldn’t stay in place. Tomorrow I shall venture forth for new, better, and shiny equipment! After the doctor’s appointment…

I don’t harbor any illusions about dropping 70 pounds by the end of summer and looking all minty fresh and sparkly—I’ve worked out hard before and it hasn’t happened—but maybe I can keep the grumblies that have invaded my back and hip from getting any louder.

Or maybe I’ll hit week 2 and say “screw it,” and never go back.

We shall see…

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