Yes, It’s Still About The Cat…

The long and short of it: Max ate today. And he ate well. He’s still coughing, but it doesn’t sound like he’s trying to turn inside out. He’s grooming himself. And he not only talked me out of my chair this morning so that he could have it, but got me to make a lap this afternoon where he stretched out for a nice long two hour nap.

Yes, I let him hold me hostage for 2 hours. When he was awake, he sat up, stretched, turned to look at me, and sneezed right into my face.

I needed to clean my glasses anyway.

I did take him back to the vet for all of 10 minutes this morning for more fluids, and some of his lab work leans towards him having pancreatitis, but for right now, he looks so much better. He has to start a new antibiotic and that worries me a little—what if it makes him nauseous again—but for today, he obviously feels much better and looks pretty spiffy.

I need to thank you all for all the good thoughts and prayers and mojo—I know it works, and I know it helped him quite a bit. I have only seen a kitty that sick once, and the end was not good. Max seems to have turned the corner, and I’m hoping that in a few days he’ll feel well enough that he can be re-introduced to Buddah, who misses him even though they haven’t interacted all that much.

I don’t want to get too hopeful…but I can’t help it. The change just from yesterday is so major that I can’t help it.

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